Why you need it

The problem with fixed assets

Fixed assets can become headaches if they are not properly managed. They have to be accurately accounted for to ensure they provide maximum value to the bottom line.

They can cost your business if they are not accurately tracked. If you can’t find them, have they been lost, sold or dumped? You need an accurate list of your assets in case you need to claim or the IRD does an audit.

Why you need viAssets – Online

viAssets Online simplifies the complexities of assets management with an easy to use asset register that is available anywhere, anytime. Your data is stored on secure servers managed by Microsoft.

You can find out more on our Features page.

If your list of fixed assets is held on a computer in your company office, you are vulnerable to losing it in the event of a disaster. With viAssets Online, your list of assets is always available.

One company to look after?

With viAssets Online, you can take care of your assets. No more complicated, expensive processes. Instead, you can quickly set up the system to keep track of your assets, and meet accounting and reporting requirements. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s cost-effective.

Multiple companies to look after?

If you have multiple companies to look after, viAssets Online lets you add new companies easily. There’s a flat fee per company per quarter or year, so the system can grow with you. You can start with one company and work upwards, or have multiple companies on the go at once.

viAssets Online gives you all the tools you need to meet your responsibilities without taking up a lot of your time.