About us

Who We Are

Very Impressive Software Ltd started trading in 1992. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand but have a network of associates throughout New Zealand and other countries. We focus on developing software that helps businesses handle their accounting requirements with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

When we started out, the company consisted of Steve Marriott and Peter Chung. We were supporting a proprietary financial package running on Data General hardware. The company grew slowly but steadily to have nine full-time equivalent employees until we split the MYOB Exo support group off and sold that business to Enprise which gave them a Wellington office. We still have over 200 satisfied customers.

Our name came about during the development of our first package, WinFix, an asset management package. The statement was made late one afternoon that the package was “pretty impressive”. Someone else said that if we could move assets from one location to another using drag and drop (just like Windows Explorer), then that would be “Very Impressive Software”. We did get the movement of assets via drag and drop working in that very first version, so Very Impressive Software became our company name!

What We Do

As well as developing viAssets in both this online version and  Lite, Standard and Professional versions for PCs, we have developed a range of both standalone products and  components for MYOB Exo Business – check out the Very Impressive Software website’s Products page for the full range.

We continue to enhance and develop our packages, adding new features or just keeping up with technology, broadening the databases that they will work with and the operating systems they will function under.

All of our work is done using the Microsoft development toolset, with most also involving Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

Our Customers and Suppliers

Our relationship with our customers is crucial to us. Find out about our commitment to service and support.

Some of our sales are made via resellers. We fully support our resellers to allow them to give the best possible level of support to their customers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us.